Good day sunshine

When I lived in Vermont for 5 years I got used to snow everyday.  My first winter up there I went 6 months before I saw green grass again.  So when I woke up this morning and the projected 3-5 inches of snow was now more like 2 feet I began to have some flashbacks.  Don’t get me wrong.  Snow means play time, good business, gets everyone (including myself) excited to ski.  Even just last week, friends and I went to Jay Peak, had some seriously perfect conditions and my ski bug was alive and kicking.  Not today.  Today white-knuckled driving and getting my car stuck in a snow bank have me drooling at the concept of a palm tree or two and some warmer weather and sun.  A little vitamin D never hurt, right?


Made it to work though.

An agreement was reached between my boyfriend, Ray, and I that we would try somewhere new.  This led to a lot of been there…yup…check…

So here is my challenge: where do we go? 

I’ve got it narrowed down to St. Lucia, Cayman Islands, Arizona,  Nassau, St. Martin and Goa. 



St. Lucia looks unique and gorgeous


Nature and Nurture in Grand Cayman?

ImageGoa, India.  2 days travel for some time in peaceful paradise?


Keep it “local” in Arizona?


St. Martin.  From what I’ve read we can’t go wrong.

We’ll see where we land.  Bikini diet starts tomorrow.




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