Best time to buy winter gear is …

In the nature of keeping this blog positive, happy and full of good things, I will try to spare you from the statistics, charts, graphs and numbers that go into when and why now is the best time to buy ski and snowboard gear.  Right now, in ski and snowboard shops throughout the country, you are looking at one of the best sale years ever:  inventory is high and prices are low.   Now is the time to stock up.

During the summer and heading into the next season will usually reflect lower pricing which is great if you  need extra-extra-small pants, back-country pow skis in a 190 or a beginner board.  Product is few and far between.  Bigger (box)  stores who sell winter gear have pretty much changed over to spring and summer wears at this point and beware of unbelievable deals online as sometimes these can be used skis or demos or just bad. 

The shops I work in just slashed prices to what they would be in late August and everything must go, go, GO !! 

*insert arm-flailing-tube-man*

Too much? 

Happy shopping !!


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