Color Stories

Considering a strong, ongoing tradition of theme days on Instagram, blogs, and every social media outlet I can think of, I think Merchandising Monday (clever, right?) is my new baby. 

From working in various shops that have little to no room to almost too much room, concepts are always bouncing back and forth with a #1 goal of making the sale.  One of the most important practices I’ve picked up is styling by color story.  One of the most obvious representations of this, that I have found, you’ll see at Francesca’s boutiques where every rack and section is divided into a color scheme.

store or a dream closet?

store or a dream closet?

Even in larger stores, boutique display tactics using the color story concept can create an area for customers where their shopping is now more of an experience.  It’s comforting and can sell.

one of you will be mine.

one of you will be mine.

Most outerwear ski and snowboard brands will provide a color story or merch section in their catalogs to properly guide us through our displays without question.  I rely on these as they are developed by the company themselves and keeping fabrics, colors and designs together will be more appealing to the eye.  When these aren’t provided or as seasons progress and inventory can dwindle, bringing colors together for display works quite well.

odds and ends

odds and ends

Proper merchandising of color draws the eye and makes the customer’s closet at home a little bit happier. 


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