Welcoming Spring with a Coffee Giveaway !!

Welcome to Spring !! 

Warmer weather (well, a couple more inches of snow in the forecast here and a couple of feet just landed up north so, yay, more skiing!), flowers, outside with no coat and no boots and sunshiiiiiine….

This is the season of change.  Starting anew.  Switching from hot coffee to iced.  Yup.  I, Melissa Rafferty, along with you and millions of others, am in love with coffee.  When living in Philadelphia and Vermont, I was spoiled rotten with coffee house options and good ones, too.  I miss the smells, the noises, the atmosphere as I search my new home of outer Boston for a decent, peaceful, happy coffee shop where I can daydream and just be.  With a love of coffee and surrounding culture so strong, I wept for a solution.  How can I help customers find the right product without good coffee?  Nightmares turned into tears as I could not find a decent cup.  I turned to my coffee maker and it turned away in shame.  I need to bring this coffee house experience home.

What was I to do?  Where was I to turn?  Where is the coffee I neeeeed?!!!

this is amazing.

this is amazing.

   ..and then I found Milton & Small.

First off, the bottle itself makes me happy.  Classic design that unveils delicious cold brewed coffee inside.  Milton & Small takes coffee grounds and steep them in water for awhile which produces and smooth, strong, delicious and versatile product good for day and night.  My fav is the organic Medium Roast, which I can drink cold (strong brew = Good. Morning.) or warm up for those still-snowy days.  

Since right now Milton & Small is really only available in the San Francisco Bay Area (I called in a favor out of desperation) I am doing a giveaway this week for two Medium Roast Bottles of Milton & Small Cold Brew Coffee!  Just leave a comment at the end of this post, a number will be randomly selected and a winner chosen based on that number.  I will contact the winner on Wednesday, March 27.  Good luck! 

Drink coffee.  Be well. 


8 thoughts on “Welcoming Spring with a Coffee Giveaway !!

  1. Coffe is the shit!. I wish they sold it here on the East Coast. My advise: take your time it can catch up to you quick! it wakes you up!

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