5 Goals for Spring and Coffee Giveaway Winner!

What? It’s only been a week or so since my last post…

Migraine headaches, work, testing skis for work (ok ok I know what you’re thinking, but you try considering your customer while testing 30 pairs of skis and remembering all they do) and all around chaos has been consuming my brain. I try not to “wah” so I’ll just make this last statement a big “Phew! Glad that’s over”. There’s always that week, right?

So first off, I would like to announce the randomly chosen winner (#5 picked on a random number generator) of the Milton & Small coffee as Lmurph!! They have won two bottles of cold press coffee to enjoy and crave more of when it’s gone! Congrats!

So during the current hectic platform of my life, I’ve made a firm decision to set some goals. Not just any goals but researched and “will not rest until achieved goals”. There are always those things that I say I’m going to do and then an order of 50 K2 Skis shows up and all is pushed aside.  And January 1 is no time for me to start anything as work is at its craziest.  So here are 5 things I am going to accomplish this spring:

1. Be healthy.


I’m not just talking about food here, although the long hours and winter months eating 10pm pizza did not help.

I’m talking about brain, body, all-around health. I’m going to take more time for myself..reading, stretching, taking time to cook. Taking deep breaths, drinking more water, less tv, more everything. Practicing and getting on schedule to earn my yoga teacher certification.

Why did this seem so much easier a decade ago?

2. What phone?

cell phone

I could not work if it was not for my phone. Forget my facebook, instagram and pinterest and blog because there’s always work’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and website. Making calls? What?

I’m going to focus on face-to-face and not screen to screen. When I’m paying the cable bill from my phone, still head on the pillow with one eye open, there might be an attachment issue. Putting the phone down… ……… .. now.

3. Declutter.


It’s spring and really, isn’t that just a rule? Spring cleaning is a must. I’m not a hoarder because I have old passed notes from high school right? New house: keep it simple; keep it clean and stress free.

4. Journals


My brain goes rapid-fire about 20 hours of the day…I feel like I get a solid three hours of sleep every night (bed by two, dog up at 5). So much is going on in there and not writing it is to my detriment. So there will now be two journals: one focusing on positivity from the day and the one life I’ve got (for now) and the other for all those blog ideas and thoughts

5. Let it bee.

Let it bee.

My favorite cards, btw.

My name, Melissa, means “Honey Bee”. This is something I just love and taking inspiration from these cards, I’m going to do just that…”let it be”. I can’t control everything and life is too short to get tangled up in messes. Be free and let it be.

What are your goals for this year? Your life?


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